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Your skin is unique—your routine should be too.

Let Scrub Buddy reveal your natural radiance.

You deserve a flawless, ageless glow.

Scrub Buddy leaves your skin fresh, dewy and blemish-free

Got blemishes and enlarged pores? Don’t sweat it.

Let Scrub Buddy take care of you.

Smaller Pores

Want to get rid of those pesky dots? Scrub Buddy is the best pore minimizing product you can buy. It works by extracting oil from your skin and tightening it to help shrink the appearance of pores. Pores have shown to be less visible after only four weeks of use.

Remove More

When it comes to removing dirt, oil, makeup and sunscreen, Scrub Buddy works better than cleansing oils and wipes. If you are looking for something that’s gentle on your skin and really “gets it all off”? This is it. Scrub Buddy gives your skin a deep clean while leaving its barrier and natural oils intact.

Gentle Exfoliation

Want a soft, velvety skin? Scrub Buddy has got you covered. It sloughs off dead skin cells, lightens your acne scars, and improves your skin texture without turning you red or creating wrinkles in the process.

Flawless Makeup Blending

Blending is key! Without it, even the priciest beauty buys would look mediocre. Scrub Buddy to the rescue. It blends your makeup and helps you look flawless all the time. It will give you an airbrush finish in 60 seconds with better coverage than hands & sponges.

Younger-Looking Eyes

Tired of the undereye bags and dark circles under your eyes? Worry not. This piece of beauty will instantly smooth out your wrinkles and fine lines, reduce puffiness, and help you look your youthful best!

Firmer Skin & Fewer Wrinkles

Looking for a solution that erases wrinkles, repairs sun damage, and fades age spots? Look no further! Scrub Buddy works better than face and neck creams when it comes to making the skin look smoother and firmer. Scrub Buddy slows down the ageing process and boosts the resilience of your skin.

Waterproof Body

Scrub Buddy is both waterproof and fully water submersible. This allows you to take your cleansing brush into the shower or bath with you for ease and convenience of use.

Wireless charging dock w/ Long Lasting Battery

This product is equipped with an innovative fast wireless charger. This ensures that its always available and ready for use whenever you need it. Once fully charged, your Scrub Buddy will last up to 100 minutes.

3 Speed Modes

You can enjoy 3 different speed modes that give your skin completely different experiences. Whatever your skincare needs are at any point in time, one option is guaranteed to meet it.

Your new best friend.

Our innovative brush technology makes Scrub Buddy 8x more effective than hand washing.

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